dimecres, d’agost 04, 2004


Els acudits del New Yorker

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“This next one goes out to all those who have ever been in love, then become engaged, gotten married, participated in the tragic deterioration of a relationship, suffered the pains and agonies of a bitter divorce, subjected themselves to the fruitless search for a new partner, and ultimately resigned themselves to remaining single in a world full of irresponsible jerks, noncommittal weirdos, and neurotic misfits.”

“La següent cançó va dedicada a tots aquells que es van enamorar, llavors es van comprometre, es van casar, van participar en el tràgic deteriorament d’una relació, van patir el dolor i l’agonia d’un amarg divorci, es van veure subjectes a la recerca infructuosa d’un nou company o companya i que darrerament s’han resignat a romandre solters en un món ple d’enzes irresponsables, tanoques incapaços de comprometre’s, i neuròtics asocials”

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