dijous, d’agost 05, 2004


Sophisticated lady

They say into your early life romance came
And in this heart of yours burned a flame
A flame that flickered one day and died away
Then, with disillusion deep in your eyes
You learned that fools in love soon grow wise
The years have changed you, somehow
I see you now
Smoking, drinking, never thinking of tomorrow, nonchalant
Diamonds shining, dancing, dining with some man in a restaurant
Is that all you really want?
No, sophisticated lady,
I know, you miss the love you lost long ago
And when nobody is nigh you cry

…Ara ja saps que els bojos per amor de seguida es tornen lúcids.
Els anys t’han canviat…fumes i beus, sense pensar en el que vindrà.
Diamants i balls, surts a sopar…és això el que vols ?
No, sophisticated lady,
Jo sé que trobes a faltar l’amor que vas perdre ja fa temps
i que quan no tens ningú a prop,

Tot escoltant: Sophisticated Lady (Duke Elligton.1933)

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